kimono dressing Beginner Course

kimono dressing Beginner Course

1/15 ~ 4/2 2019  ( 12 classes)

6:30 – 8:30 pm

428 E 10th street, NY, NY 10009

Contact (856) 425-2699 / 

Dressing class fee: 2 hours class x 12 weeks 

Text book, accessory for kimono(Aiko-eri, Camisole from Yamano beauty)

A Kimono Dresser Certificate of Completion from Yamano Kimono Dressing School will be provided (Optional)

Certificate of completion course (12 class) Total $ 410  

Drop in single class $65 (Included renal kimono) 

Fee included: Text book, accessory for kimono (Aiko-eri, Camisole from Yamano beauty) and Basic Course Certificate

If you don't have a kimono or accessory for kimono dressing, I will help you prepard for you!

"Learn how to dress kimono yourself"
Kimono Dressing Basic Course 1/15 ~ 4/2 2019  

1 Yukata dressing and Obi tying
 2 Tying the Hoso Obi
 3 Undergarments and Accessories
 4 Casual kimono (Komon) dressing
 5 Komon dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Otaiko)
 6 Tsumugi dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Zentsu)
7  Komon dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Rokutsu)
8  Part 1: Tying the Niju-daiko
9  Part 2: Tying the Niju-daiko
10 Tying Tsunodashi using the Nagoya Obi
11  Kitsuke according to age
12 Total Kimono fashion based on the “BIDO” concept (hair, makeup, fashion and manners)