kimono dressing Beginner Course

Kimono dressing Beginner Course (Small group class 

March 5th~ May 21th 2019  ( 12 classes)

3/5,12,19, 26, 4/2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 5/7, 14, 21

6:30 – 8:30 pm

428 E 10th street, NY, NY 10009

RSVP only

Contact (856) 425-2699 / 

Class fee: 2 hours class x 12 weeks 

Certificate of completion course (12 class)  $435 ( Including Menbership fee $30, $120 / month (3 month) , text book )  

Drop in single class $45

A Kimono Dresser Certificate of Completion from Yamano Kimono Dressing School will be provided (Optional) 

Rental sets of kimono, some accesally of kimonos are available. 

Please ask Masae to book your rental kimono in advance.

*If you miss a class,  90 min make up class is free! After second class is $45. 

"Learn how to dress kimono yourself"
Kimono Dressing Basic Course March 5th~ May 21th 2019

1 Yukata dressing and Obi tying
 2 Tying the Hoso Obi
 3 Undergarments and Accessories
 4 Casual kimono (Komon) dressing
 5 Komon dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Otaiko)
 6 Tsumugi dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Zentsu)
7  Komon dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Rokutsu)
8  Part 1: Tying the Niju-daiko
9  Part 2: Tying the Niju-daiko
10 Tying Tsunodashi using the Nagoya Obi
11  Kitsuke according to age
12 Total Kimono fashion based on the “BIDO” concept (hair, makeup, fashion and manners)


—–What to bring !?————————————————————————————

Masae will carefully talk or email throught what you need to prepare so don't worry! 

Step 1 Book your class !

Step 2 Masae will help you prepare kimonos for your class!