July 31th Sunday ” Kimono work shop for Burlesque ”

Kimono Work shop for Burlesque !
July 31th Sunday
Location 61 9th St in Brooklyn
Work Shop 1:00-3:30,
Photo shoot with Cyrus 4:00-7:00 The hue-men-aid art project. Styling & Kimono coordinate by Masae Satouchi/ Photographer Cyrus Marshall

Work shop $35 (bring your own kimono)
+$25 If you need a kimono. ( This fee for cleaning kimono fee ) total fee $60 If you share a kimono with your friend $48.

I love kimono!! I love performance with a beautiful kimono! It’s like wearing a piece of art. I’d like to share my culture with you!
Every woman has a different shape and there is not one formula to wear a yukata(summer kimono). Instead, the many elements that make up a woman’s figure are refined into a single expression of harmony and charm.
Workshop members will be introduced to both the traditional Japanese manner of wearing a yukata as well as Masae’s innovative designs including her A-Line, Mermaid, Western and modan style.

Here is Masae’s kimono burlesque video:

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