Dream coaching


Complete Self-Realization Package 

Dream and realize your goals

Discover your creative potential
•      Dream List: Create a master list of 100 personal + professional goals
•      Prioritize + set timeline for goal achievement
•      Create collages to visualize your dream goals


Bring light to who you are + what you can achieve through Color Therapy
Identify Your skills / gifts / abilities + your life mission / tap into your subconscious
•      Let's find your dream
•      Let's find your future
•      Let's find the key colors to support the achievement of your dreams –       whether it’s to bolster your deficits or increase your strengths
•      Let's find the colors that will support you on your path
Bringing awareness, focus, and consciousness to your self-image and goals / discover and realize your image of happiness and success. This can be achieved through:
•      Active Meditation
•      Imagine + visualize your goals


Challenge your image
Present yourself to the world in the most effective way to maximize your goals
•      Styling / hair / makeup
•      Fashion
•      Moves
•      Professional Photo shoot
•      Personal Color Analysis
•      Follow up – Beauty/Confidence Package

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After all the above are reached Let's celebrate the new you !

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