Color therapy


Color illuminate who you are

Color can be used in a simple + powerful way to tap your subconscious. It allow you to discover your deep inner voice and the direction it is pointing you in.

Color is a universal language that transcends boundaries, allowing us to communicate and connect with ourselves and each other more freely.

Color is a mirror for your subconscious

Choose color to illuminate the positive and negative elements in your subconscious. Select colors that reveal what future direction your subconscious is pointing you in.

Use your birth color to identify your skills, gifts, abilities.

Identify healing color that you can use to support you on the path to achieve your dreams. Discuss way to incorporate those color into your life.

Live a life you love!

If you don’t like the road you are walking start paving another one and live much colorfully! joyfully! wonderfully!







Follow your heart !  ”自分のハートに素直に生きよう”  

虹暦 (色彩心理論 + 数秘術)


Masaeの VIVID カラーセラピー

Color therapy/ Dream- coaching
 Blue Velvet course       60 min/ $135 —  虹暦診断、バースデーカラー診断、ドリームコーチ、カラーセラピー
iDrecome 180min (1hour x 3 ) / $380 —  Blue Velvet Course  + ドリカムワークショップ マンツーマンコース
家族、パートナーの誕生日カラー診断ご希望の方= お一人様追加価格 / $50

Session is available at Salon or Skype and Zoom.



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